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Grateful Dead Live at Fillmore West on 1970-08-19

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Grateful Dead Live at Fillmore West on 1970-08-19

Publication date 1970-08-19 (check for other copies)
Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Acoustic Set

1. Monkey & The Engineer
2. How Long Blues
3. Friend Of The Devil
4. Dark Hollow
5. Candyman
6. Ripple->
7. Brokedown Palace
8. Truckin'
9. Cocaine Blues
10. Rosalie McFall
11. Wake Up Little Susie
12. New Speedway Boogie
13. Cold Jordan
14. Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Electric Set:

15. Cold Rain & Snow
16. Me & My Uncle
17. Easy Wind


1. China Cat Sunflower->
2. I Know You Rider
3. Saint Stephen->
4. Sugar Magnolia
5. Good Lovin'
6. New Minglewood Blues
7. Casey Jones
8. Not Fade Away**->
9. Turn On Your Lovelight**

*with David Nelson
**with David Crosby


The original taper(s) stopped the tape between most songs during the acoustic set and some of the electric set. I have crossfaded the tracks together to smooth the cuts and provide a generally more pleasant listening experience. No music was lost (and no further tinkering was attempted), although I have removed some crowd and a wee bit o' tuning to tighten things up and facilitate a two disc set. To accomplish this, I decoded the original sources with xACT, lightly edited several tracks in Peak LE 5.2, and did the crossfades in Jam 5. Encoding to FLAC was done with Toast 7.1.2, compression level 6.

CDJones 1/17/2007

From the original sources:

Set 1:
Master Audience Cassette; Sony TC-124 with Sony Stereo Mic
Master cassettes played back on Nakamichi Dragon >
Digital Audio Labs Card Deluxe soundcard (96Mhz/24 bit)> HD
Editing performed in Adobe Audition; Dithered and downsampled to 44.1 MHz / 16 bit;
Transfer and FLAC encoding by David Minches.

This is a very fine recording, especially of the acoustic set and includes 4 songs that aren't in circulation. The tape deck was paused in between songs causing a "whooshing" sound which I partially edited out. The first few notes of many of the songs are missing due to the pausing but do not allow that to take away from the excellence of the recording. There are other anomalies and cuts, some of which I had not listed.

Set 2:
--a quote from deadlists: "The Taper's Compendium seriously misrepresents the quality of this AUD master, and of the previous night's."

Part of The Music Never Stopped Project 2002

Thanks to Raoul Duke
edits/encoding by Matt Vernon & JCotsman


Reviewer: c-freedom - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 19, 2016
Subject: Got to have lovin'
well obviously if you were at this show this was over the top but if we go just on the recording probably somewhere in the 4 range.
Still the acoustic songs are pretty captivating especially How Long and Cocaine Blues...
Electric when in full jam mode like the Good Lovin' really cooks.
This is not the first thing I would want to turn someone on to the Dead's music but as a Head it gives me a deeper appreciation of how this band was so much tighter than other bands from the time period. And by the 70's they were the bees knees indeed.
Weir kills me with the original Minglewood ;)
Reviewer: concatenation - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 2, 2013
Subject: wicked 1970 gig
A favorite aud of mine on the archive, great acoustic and electric sets. (NOTE: This is the best version of this date on offer.) This here is a QUALITY aud-- nice, clean, and lively.

I really like how the group, as good as it is, is kind of ragged from night to night from '66-'71. It feels like rock n' roll. After that they really tighten up, for the most part-- which is fine too!

Cold Rain and Snow is dynamite, the whole sequence from China Cat thru Good Lovin' is a peak, and NFA --> Lovelight is ECSTATIC.
Reviewer: Evan S. Hunt - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 20, 2011
Subject: "A Very Fine Recording?"
I don't think so, but it's adequate to portray the band in 1970, which was a little sloppy that night, perhaps because they were home turfed. Yet though they were slopping it up in places (too numerous to give examples) they would come out of it with a dazzling bit of exceptional playing.

This reviewer was an attendee and I recall it was a very fine concert -- maybe the best of the run. Don't know who was playing the mandolin -- whether it was David Grisman or David Nelson -- think it was both. Pigpen is on piano through half of the acoustic set and also played some acoustic guitar. Perhaps Ned Lagin sat in on piano, or perhaps it was Nelson again. David Nelson is a very accomplished multi-instrumentalist (besides playing electric guitar and singing in the NRPS).

The Lovelights is a barn burner.

Walking out into the latenight coolness of a San Francisco Wednesday evening was a real eyeopener due to it being so dang hot in that joint. Graham had packed the place way beyond legal capacity.

We drove back to Hayward. Happy Campers? You betcha.
Reviewer: njpg - favoritefavoritefavorite - August 17, 2011
Subject: Typical '70 mixed bag
It's true that the recording is great for the time period, and the acoustic set is excellent, but I almost wish it was harder to hear the electric set. Something sounds out of tune, off-key or off pitch there.
Reviewer: gratedude69 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 19, 2010
Subject: amazing amazing show
the acoustic stuff here is incredible, the vocals are perfect and amazing, the song selection is awesome great tunes, nice hearing the american beauty stuff, i love wake up little susie and sweet chariot

the electric stuff is equally as good, great song selection all well played extremely well played, and how bout that intro

the good lovin is crazy so good
Reviewer: mthurman - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 12, 2010
Subject: Fun acoustic set; smokin' Good Lovin'
I love these 1970 acoustic sets. Fine vocals and Workingman's Dead/American beauty song selection. Aside from other highlights noted below, the electric set includes an outstanding version of Good Lovin', with some fairly intricate lead work, a lot of syncopation in the rhythm, and Pigpen in excellent form.

Recording has some rough edges, but it comes with the territory. Do yourself a favor and download the FLACs.
Reviewer: mid-maine - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 24, 2009
Subject: how long blues
this is a fantastic track as the previous add man indicated. to me, it is jerry's tip o' the hand to mississippi john hurt (see "coffee blues"). it has that same sorta avalon feel of m.j.h.'s light-hearted, yet deep, blues.

tell it to me (aka cocaine blues) sounded great last night as i heard ketch secor sing it with the toughcats. nice to see the song is still alive. for a brief, if slightly amateur, musicology thread of this soulful tune, check out the wiki:

peace, y'all.

p.s. i DIG this recording.
Reviewer: AUGUST-WEST420 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 5, 2009
Subject: Beautiful acoustic set!!!
How Long Blues is just...... I haven't the words!!! This recording isn't that bad either.It kinda gives it that vintage tone that this show deserves!! I love it the whole thing from start to finish,and that's unusual for me.Ask my wife! She hates it that I skip through tracks the way I do.It may be my ADD,and this may be the cure.A temporary one anyway! Thanx billions to the taper who captured this piece of history,and to every other taper and the archive for all this wonderful music.Most of all to the Grateful Dead!! Where would we be without them?????? % stars for the show and we won't worry about the sound on this one!!! Just listen to it and I believe you'll feel the same!!
Reviewer: spirit of eden - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 12, 2009
Subject: The Dead s vocals are just PERFECT = )
The vocal harmonizing - especially on candyman , and then later on other songs - is absolutely impecable . And thanks to the taper who caughtthis live in 1970 , we can hear this majestic piece of history of the GD

Thanks for sharing this beautiful recording . Id love to hear this , say ......... cleaned up by the GD engineers ( Lemieux etc ] . I rank this show up there with the other greats of the GD ( ithica 77 etc etc ]
Reviewer: thelegroom - favoritefavoritefavorite - November 29, 2008
Subject: Not Too Shabby
Thanx CD, Gene, & David. I have heard worse recordings. I always appreciate the foresight of the early tapers. The acoustic set is very nice. Love Pig on the piano, esp. the Truckin'. Lovelight is a barnburner, Pig raps with just handclapping, a beautiful moment. I am opening my radio show this week with Stephen>Sugar Mags and NFA>Lovelight. Peace
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